Facilities Management
Pythagoras – your solution for successful FM!
Pythagoras is one of the most established IT systems to support Property- and Facilities Management.
Pythagoras' unique graphical possibilities and powerful economic models weaves contractual costs, budgeted costs, space utilisation and organisations of the company in a way that provides efficient support for optimal use of your properties.
Pythagoras provides an integral resource to support a host of facilities management processes including:
  • Faciility Planning
  • Internal and External Rent Management
  • Contract Management
  • Cleaning Planning/ Purchase
  • Document Management
  • Cost Management
  • Staff/Organisation/Relocation Management
  • Equipment/Furniture/Fittings
  • Evacuation Plans/Fire Security
  • Key and Lock Management
Pythagoras has comprehensive report features, and it's easy to share / publish information on the web or intranet. It is simple to summarise various KPI’s like financial information for areas, persons, organisations and types of premises.
One of Pythagoras' unique features is that all areas are measured automatically in the system according to the current standard. Correctly measured areas are of critical importance. Most processes in property information management are somehow based on the areas and most costs are normally directly proportional to those.
Pythagoras graphically intuitive database has enabled us to identify exactly the number of workstations per individual and the associated costs. By establishing the usage patterns of the workspaces in various buildings we have been able to identify and implement staff redeployment strategies freeing up whole buildings which could be disposed. Pythagoras has been instrumental in optimising our property portfolio and achieving cost savings.
- Paul Hughes, Account Manager, National Air Traffic Services
What processes does Pythagoras support?
Pythagoras provides an intelligent graphical database that ensures information is accurate and up-to-date, that the systems are straightforward to use, and that the information will have visual impact throughout the organisation.
All areas are measured automatically in the system, according to current national standards. Measuring the areas correctly is a very important factor. Most space supply processes are based on the areas of the premises, and most costs are typically directly proportional to the areas.
Some of the more important processes Pythagoras support are:
  • Reduce operating costs through the better use of space.
  • Ability to model space and associated resources to create the most cost effective solution.
  • Ability to manage all aspects of a property in one easy to use tool.
  • Scenario modelling capability allowing new views of the space to been seen and all aspects to have been considered before implementing the change.
  • Ability to simulate new costs that could be incurred, e.g. cleaning costs.
  • Ability to manage keys and locks. Cylinders, card readers, and cards can also be managed, both the administration of locks and access systems and the distribution of cards and keys can be managed.
  • Ability to manage all types of contracts and agreements. Additional contract clauses are associated automatically.
  • Ability to manage all cost types. The costs can be collected from e.g. contracts, an integrated financial system, or entered from the budget.
  • Consolidates information from the real estate database with external information allowing more scenarios to be considered.
  • Helps maximize the efficiency of your estate.
  • Helps reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Ability to manage all types of documents. There are archives for different types of documents, like drawings (CAD format or scanned). The document management includes features for checking in and checking out documents and version management
  • Publish information in a hierarchic structure, e.g. Premises-Building-Floor, or as an organisational structure, i.e. where each unit/organisation only can see its associated information.
  • Works extensively with colours. SpaceManager creates 3D CAD files in dwg format. There are automatic update routines for dwg and pdf, which means that if it is kept up to date, a CAD archive can also be updated automatically.
We love Pythagoras because it enables us to continuously produce the KPIs that we want to monitor on a regular basis. We also like the documentation management feature which has improved the management of our fire security documentation.
- Hans Bagge, Facility Manager, CGI Group
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